The ASI Science Data Center (ASDC) is a multi-mission,multi-disciplinary, science operation, science data management, processing and archiving center that provides support to several astrophysical and astro-particle space missions. Significant responsibilities are developed and maintained for a number of high-energy missions (e.g. Swift, AGILE, Fermi, NuSTAR, AMS). The responsibilities of the Fermi team of ASDC include the copy of the official LAT public photon event data archive, scientific software development, high-level and interactive online tools, interactive source catalogs (1FGL, 2FGL, 1FHL etc.) and lists (LAT and GBM GRBs, flares, pulsars), collection and archiving of multifrequency data and catalogs for LAT sources, flare advocate duty coordination, development and service, SED exploration/analysis and interactive tools, light curve temporal exploration/analysis and interactive tools, AGN population and source identification studies, AGN multifrequency studies, user support and public outreach, duties and coordinated analysis within the LAT Collaboration. Here some highlights and recent updates about these web-based tools and catalogs are reported.