We present here our software to compute inverse-Compton scattering from the heliosphere, as well as the photosphere of stars. It includes a formulation of modulation in the heliosphere, but can be used for any user-defined modulation model. It outputs profiles, spectra and differential flux to FITS files in a variety of forms for convenient use. The software is publicly available from http://www.mpe.mpg.de/~aws/propagate.html and is under continuing development, taking into account updated observations in gamma rays and cosmic rays. It uses general-purpose inverse-Compton routines with other features like energy loss rates and emissivity for any user-defined target photon and lepton spectra. It is used as the model for the solar emission background template in the Fermi-LAT Science Tools. We will show examples of predictions and interesting features, which should be looked for in future. observational studies.