There are currently only six known high mass X-ray binaries (HMXBs) that also exhibit MeV, GeV, and/or TeV emission ("gamma-ray binaries"). Expanding the sample of gamma-ray binaries and identifying unknown Fermi sources are currently of great interest to the community. Based upon their positional coincidence with the unidentified Fermi sources 1FGL J1127.7-6244c and 1FGL J1808.5-1954c, the Be stars HD 99771 and HD 165783 have been proposed as gamma-ray binary candidates. During Fermi Cycle 4, we have performed multiwavelength observations of these sources using XMM-Newton and the CTIO 1.5m telescope. We do not confirm high energy emission from these sources. We present upper limits for their X-ray fluxes and examine other X-ray sources in the field of view that are potential counterparts to the Fermi sources. We are grateful for support from Fermi Cycle 4 through NASA grant NNX11AO41G.