In this talk I will review some recent Fermi results on high energy emission from Gamma- Ray Bursts (GRBS). I will present the main physical processes responsible for this emission and how Fermi data allowed to put constraints on several GRB emission models. I will show new results on the constraints that can be set on the quantum gravity models using the Fermi data. GRBs can be also sources of high energy cosmic rays, neutrinos and gravitational waves (GW).

The neutrino detector IceCube in Antartica has started to collect data and the gravitational waves detectors like VIRGO and LIGO will be expanded in the next coming years. The detection by Fermi of electromagnetic counterparts from GW and neutrino events is fundamental in order to identify the GW and neutrino sources, and also enhances the confidence level of these GW and neutrino detections. I will discuss synergies of Fermi with other current and future measurements that will be carried out by IceCube and the gravitational wave detectors.