The Cygnus region is one of the most complex and interesting regions in the gamma-ray sky, containing pulsars, supernova remnants, and massive star associations. In particular the region of the Gamma Cygni complex contains the gamma-ray selected pulsar PSR J2021+4026, the supernova remnant G78.2+2.1, and the very high-energy source VER J2019+407 discovered by VERITAS. Understanding gamma-ray emission from this region is a challenging task, because many sources pile up along the line of sight and the Galactic interstellar emission is bright and highly structured. We report the latest results on the gamma Cygni complex based on 4 years of Fermi observations, including the most recent timing analysis of PSR J2021+4026 and the spatial and spectral analysis of the extended emission from the gamma Cygni supernova remnant.