Evidence of Antimatter core in the center of extended Einstein Rosen Bridge Black Holes Z. Árvay and V. Árvay EuCost Brussels and SBC Cluster, Hungary, July 25, 2012 We have pointed out that Dark Universe is an other universe, in that sense that extended Einstein Rosen Bridges connect the visible and Dark Universes. The extended Einstein Rosen bridges are in fact Schwarzhild Wormholes with the given by us metrics and topology.

At the beginning of the Big Bang the Matter and Antimatter well separated that way that Antimatter consists recently the Dark Universe and ordinary matter the visible one. In the D ~ 0 dimensional central region dimension fluctuations happen permanently which results that permanently the positive dimensional region is filled with antiparticles. Normally when an antiparticle comes throug the D~0 surface it changes its particle parity so appears as ordinary particle in the visible universe, e.g in the quasar matter emission processes. This antiparticle core of the Black Holes can manifet itself in different ways. The outer region of the fluctuating antimatter core permanently annihilates by collisions with the particle current orbiting towards the center of the Black Hole. This produces annihilation phenomena which can be measured.

So we have found the antimatter ( well separated in the Dark Universe) and even we can see it in the central core region of Black Holes. In the WMAP experiment [9] the radiation excess from the central galactic region of our Milky Way (WMAP haze) has been measured and D. Hooper and D. Finkbeiner with brilliant analysis have show that it is the Dark Matter e+e- annihilation synchrotron radiation. We propose the above mechanism for it and this means that in the WMAP experiments antimatter has been seen. Also in PAMELA experiment have found that much more positrons measured than it comes from cosmic ray interstellar medium interctions and in the VERITAS high energy Dark Matter annihilation gamma-ray cross section measurements can be such effects....