The Earth Occultation Technique (EOT) has been applied to GBM to perform all-sky monitoring for a predetermined catalog of hard X-ray/soft gamma-ray sources. Imaging with a Differential filter using an Earth Occultation Method (IDEOM) has been developed to search for sources not in the catalog, thus completing the catalog and reducing a source of systematic error for EOT. IDEOM uses the projections of the Earth's limb onto the sky at the time a source occults. Over the course of the emph{Fermi} orbital precession period (( sim 53) days), all available projections are sampled. These projections add constructively near a source, thus allowing a source to be localized. We present all-sky image results in the 12-25 keV, 25-50 keV, 50-100 keV, and 100-300 keV bands for ( sim 3) years of data from GBM, and also discuss the spectra of sources detected by both GBM and LAT.