We are currently undertaking a monitoring campaign with NASA 70-m antennas to capture a large sample of Crab Giant Pulses (CGP) at multiple radio wavelengths. The goal of this campaign is to carry out a correlation study of CGPs at radio frequencies with pulsed emission from the Crab pulsar with Fermi gamma-ray photons. After a year of this study, we expect around 200 Fermi photons to coincide with a CGP radio-frequency detection, allowing us to either confirm a predicted correlation in average gamma-ray pulsed flux increase with GP emission, or place a tight upper limit, at least a factor of 10 more constraining than previous work. We will report on the status of our campaign over the past year with our preliminary results. We will also report on the prospects for future improvements in receivers and back-end instrumentation to capture a larger population of GPs.