Symposium Proceedings PDF

This 40MB Proceedings PDF file is the electronic equivalent of a printed symposium proceedings. It contains all of the oral and poster presentations that were submitted to arXiv for inclusion in this proceedings, formatted in journal style as submitted to arXiv. This PDF file is formatted for printing. Once downloaded, you can open the file on your computer and print the entire document or any desired subset of pages.

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Organization of the PDF Proceedings

In this proceedings, the papers are organized by the symposium topic categories to which they were assigned. There are 10 topic categories:

  1. Instrumentation/Analysis
  2. Solar System
  3. Pulsars
  4. Supernova Remnants & Pulsar Wind Nebulae
  5. Other Galactic Gamma-ray Sources
  6. Diffuse Emissions
  7. Dark Matter & New Physics
  8. Active Galactic Nuclei
  9. Gamma-ray Bursts
  10. Other Extragalactic Gamma-ray Sources

Each topic category in this proceedings includes papers summarizing oral presentations delivered during the various symposium plenary and parallel sessions as well as papers summarizing posters.

The ordering of papers within each topic was set by the Proceedings Content Editors and does not necessarily follow the symposium program.

The table of contents at the beginning of this proceedings includes direct links to each topic category and all the papers within each category in the proceedings.

Likewise, the bookmarks panel displayed along the left side of the PDF window contains links to all topic categories and papers.

Lastly, the Page # (rightmost) column in the Electronic Proceedings Table contains direct links to each paper in this PDF proceedings file.