One of the main scientific objectives of the recent Fermi mission is investigating the origin of the unidentified gamma-ray sources (UGSs). Despite the large improvements of Fermi in the gamma-ray source localization with respect to the past gamma-ray missions, about 1/3 of the gamma-ray objects detected do not have yet an assigned counterpart a low energies. We recently developed a new association method to identify if there is a gamma-ray blazar candidate within the positional uncertainty region of a generic gamma-ray source.

This method is entirely based on the discovery that blazars, the largest known class of gamma-ray sources, can be recognized and separated from other extragalactic sources on the basis of their infrared colors. Here we summarize the results obtained by applying our association procedure to the unidentified gamma-ray sources (UGSs) and to the active galaxies of uncertain type (AGUs) listed in the Second Fermi Large Area Telescope (LAT) catalog.