XXVIII Physics in Collision (PIC2008)
June 25-28, Perugia, Italy

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 S. Ciprini,  G. Mantovani,  G. Anzivino   editors


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ˇ Introduction part

Title pages, foreword, committees, group photo, table of contents [ Paper ]


 ˇ Electroweak Physics

Frédéric Déliot Top Quark Cross Sections [ Paper ]
Mousumi Datta Top Quark Properties  
Tim Bolton
W-Z physics from the Tevatron  
Elisabetta Gallo
Electroweak constraints from HERA [ Paper ]


 ˇ Neutrino Physics

Gianpaolo Bellini New developments in Solar Neutrino Physics [ Paper ]
Ryan B. Patterson Short-baseline Neutrinos: Recent Results and Future Prospects [ Paper ]
Ryan Nichol
Ultra high-energy neutrinos  
Mark Thomson
Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments [ Paper ]
Carlo Broggini
Underground nuclear astrophysics and the Sun [ Paper ]
Andrea Longhin
OPERA: waiting for the tau [ Paper ]

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 ˇ Heavy Flavour and Strange Particle Physics

Marc Verderi B decay and CP violation: CKM angles and sides at the BABAR and BELLE B-Factories [ Paper ]
Yuan Chao New Physics Effects in B decays [ Paper ]
Stefano Giagu
Heavy B Hadrons [ Paper ]
Guy Wilkinson
The Charm Renaissance: D-Physics -- a Selective Review [ Paper ]
Jörg Marks
D0-D0 Mixing: An Overview [ Paper ]
Bradley Cox
Strange Quark Physics at Sixty-Four [ Paper ]
Spasimir Balev
Measurement of K+ ---> π+νν at NA62 experiment [ Paper ]
Mario Antonelli
|Vus| from kaon decays with the KLOE detector [ Paper ]
Dirk Wiedner
Early physics with the LHCb detector [ Paper ]

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 ˇ Astroparticle Physics

Sergio Petrera Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays from earth-based observatories [ Paper ]
Elena Aprile Dark Matter Detection and the XENON experiment [ Paper ]
Piero Spillantini
Cosmic rays from the space based observatories [ Paper ]
Ullrich Schwanke
Very High-Energy Gamma Ray Astronomy [ Paper ]
Vincenzo Vitale
FERMI/GLAST and the Future of Gamma Ray Astronomy [ Paper ]
Roberto Pesce
Ultra-High Energy Particles Astronomy with a space-based experiment [ Paper ]
Francesca R. Spada
Antimatter and DM search in space with AMS-02 [ Paper ]

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 ˇ QCD and Heavy Ion Physics

Christophe Royon Jet Physics at HERA, Tevatron and LHC [ Paper ]
Achim Geiser QCD at the HERAscale and implications at the Terascale [ Paper ]
Jolanta Brodzicka
Exotic hadron spectroscopy [ Paper ]
Vladimir Chekelian
Longitudinal Structure Function Measurements from HERA [ Paper ]
Krystof Kurec
Spin structure of the nucleon [ Paper ]
Raphael Granier de Cassagnac
What is the matter created in heavy ion collisions? [ Paper ]

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 ˇ Higgs Searches and BSM Physics

Anyes Taffard Higgs Searches at the Tevatron [ Paper ]
Giorgia Mila Higgs Searches at LHC [ Paper ]
Stefan Grünendahl
Beyond the Standard Model - Searches at HERA and the Tevatron [ Paper ]
Leonardo Benucci
BSM measurements with Top at LHC:
CMS sensitivity to Flavour Changing Neutral Currents
[ Paper ]
Ilektra A. Christidi
ZZ into 4ℓ expected sensitivity with the first ATLAS data [ Paper ]
Michele Bianco
ATLAS RPC commissioning status and cosmic ray test results [ Paper ]

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 ˇ Poster Session

Muhammad Ajaz et al. Study of the Behavior of the Nuclear Modification Factor in Freeze-out State [ Paper ]
Guido Ciapetti Hidden Valley Higgs Decays in the ATLAS Detector [ Paper ]
Yuan Chao
Mini-Bias and Underlying Event Studies at CMS [ Paper ]
Marc-André Dufour
& Bilge Demirkoz
ATLAS Trigger Menu for Early Data-Taking [ Paper ]
Virginia Greco et al.
Level-3 Calorimetric Resolution available for the Level-1
and Level-2 CDF Triggers
[ Paper
Gerhard Leder
& Franz Mandl
Measurement of Branching Fractions of the inclusive decay
D0 ---> ФX and of the exclusive decays of the D0 involving a K+K-
[ Paper ]
Bob Olivier
The Liquid Argon Jet Trigger of the H1 Experiment at HERA [ Paper ]
Pierluigi Totaro
A new very inclusive trigger selection for the SM WH discovery channel at CDF [ Paper ]

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ˇ Final part

Scientific program, list of participants [ Paper ]

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