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Neutrino 08 | May 25-31 | Christchurch | New Zealand

Poster Contributions

Number Given Name Surname Paper Title

Oral Presentations in Monday Evening Session

Reactor neutrinos
1 Jaison Lee RENO : Reactor Experiment for Neutrino Oscillation at Yonggwang (abstract)
2 Nathaniel Bowden The Deployment of Three Prototype Detectors for Reactor Monitoring and Safeguards (abstract)
3 Stephen Dye Hanohano- A Deep Ocean Antineutrino Observatory (abstract)
4 Ka Pik Lee Gadolinium-loaded Liquid Scintillator used in the Aberdeen Tunnel Experiment (abstract)
5 Lorraine Sadler Background radiation studies for future, above ground antineutrino detectors (abstract)
6 Henry Wong Sub-keV Neutrino and Dark Matter Physics with Ultra-Low-Energy Germanium Detector (abstract)
7 Fabio Mantovani Nuclear physics inputs needed for geo-neutrino studies (abstract)
8 Subhendra Mohanty Estimate of K-40 in the earths core from recent Borexino data (abstract)
Solar Neutrinos
9 Davide D'Angelo The Borexino detector: very low background levels in the scintillator (abstract)
10 Davide Franco Performances of the Borexino Deetector (abstract)
11 Yoshiyuki Fukuda Development of InP detector for pp/7Be solar neutrino measurement (abstract)
12 Steve Hardy Source Insertion and Location Systems for the Borexino Solar Neutrino Detector (abstract)
13 Motoyasu Ikeda Solar Neutrino Measurement at Super-Kamiokande III (abstract)
14 Blair Jamieson Signal Extraction of the Solar Neutrino Neutral-Current Flux with the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory Neutral Current Detectors (abstract)
15 Christine Kraus Neutron calibration of the SNO detector (abstract)
16 Christine Kraus SNO+: a liquid scintillator detector Solar Neutrinos and Double Beta Decay (abstract)
17 Paolo Lombardi The Borexino detector: photomultipliers system (abstract)
18 Noah Oblath Monte Carlo for the NCD Phase of the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (abstract)
19 Thomas O'Donnell Muon tracking for optimized background rejection at KamLAND (abstract)
20 Richard Saldanha Cosmogenic 11C tagging in organic liquid scintillators (abstract)
Atmospheric Neutrinos
21 Marc Bergevin Energetic Atmospheric Neutrino Events in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory (abstract)
22 David Ernst Theta_13 and Super-K Atmospheric Data in a Full Three-Neutrino Analysis (abstract)
23 Pomita Ghoshal Neutrino Mass Hierarchy Determination via Atmospheric Neutrinos with Future Detectors (abstract)
24 Alec Habig Cosmic Ray Studies with the MINOS Detectors (abstract)
25 Gaku Mitsuka Limit on Non-Standard Interactions from the atmospheric neutrino data in Super-Kamiokande (abstract)
26 Haruki Nishino Search for proton decays via p->e^+pi^0 and p->mu^+pi^0 in Super-Kamiokande (abstract)
26.5 Patrick Berghaus High Energy and Prompt Neutrino Production in the Atmosphere (abstract)
The theory of neutrino masses
27 Ana Carolina Bruno Machado A multi-Higgs model based on discrete symmetries (abstract)
28 Mu-Chun Chen Tri-bimaximal Neutrino Mixing and Quark CKM Matrix in a SU(5) x (d)T Model (abstract)
29 Andre de Gouvea What is the Energy Scale of the Physics Responsible for Neutrino Masses? (abstract)
30 Terry Goldman All Fundamental Fermion Masses are Vile (abstract)
31 Yoshio Koide Empirical Neutrino Mass Matrix Related to Up-Quark Masses (abstract)
32 Daijiro Suematsu Dark matter and leptogenesis in a non-SUSY model for neutrino masses (abstract)
The theory of neutrino oscillations
33 Alexander Studenikin Neutrino energy quantization in rotating media: new mechanism of neutrino trapping inside dense rotating stars (abstract)
34 Marek Zralek Neutrino production, detection and propagation inside matter, beyond the Standard Model (abstract)
34b Joachim Kopp The GSI Anomaly (abstract)
Short Baseline oscillation experiments at accelerators
35 Gerard Stephenson Matter Effects and MiniBOONE (abstract)
36 Morgan Wascko SciBooNE Overview (abstract)
Long baseline oscillation experiments at accelerators
37 Sanjib Kumar Agarwalla Neutrino parameters with magical beta-beam at INO (abstract)
38 Josh Boehm Electron Neutrino Appearance in the MINOS Experiment (abstract)
39 J. Pedro Ochoa Electron Neutrino Background Analysis with the MINOS Near Detector (abstract)
40 Alan Bross The Low-Energy Neutrino Factory (abstract)
41 Sandhya Choubey Optimizing the Greenfield Beta-Beam (abstract)
42 Srubabati Goswami Testing non-unitarity of neutrino mixing matrices at neutrino factories (abstract)
43 Thomas Lindner The Fine Grained Detector for the T2K experiment (abstract)
44 Edoardo Mazzucato Time Projection Chambers for the T2K experiment (abstract)
45 Jonathan Paley Status of the NuMI Hadron Production Measurement by the MIPP Experiment (abstract)
46 Shamayita Ray New physics signals at long baseline experiments (abstract)
47 Alexandre Sousa Neutral Current Interactions in MINOS - A Search for Sterile Neutrinos (abstract)
Neutrino interactions and non-oscillation neutrino physics
48 Richard Gran Progress toward building the MINERvA experiment (abstract)
49 Georgia Karagiorgi Direct Searches for New Physics at the Terascale with a High Statistics, Ultra-high Energy Neutrino Scattering Experiment (abstract)
50 Jorge Morfin Unexpected Nuclear Effects in nu-Fe Interactions and MINERvA's Program to Measure a Range of nu-Nucleus Scattering (abstract)
51 Timur Rashba Constraining neutrino properties with low energy experiments (abstract)
52 Kate Scholberg CLEAR:Prospects for a Low Threshold Neutrino Experiment at the SNS (abstract)
53 Irina Shabanova Investigation of the electronic structure of cerium heavy-fermion systems under exposure to dense flux of low-energy neutrino Abstract (abstract)
54 Tatsu Takeuchi Future Constraint on, and from Lepton Universality (abstract)
54.5 Hiroshi Nunokawa Probing non-standard neutrino interactions at neutrino factories (abstract)

Oral Presentations in Tuesday Evening Session

Double Beta Decay
55 Assunta di Vacri Operation of bare high-purity germanium detectors in LAr/LN2 for the GERDA experiment (abstract)
56 Victor Gehman The MAJORANA Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Experiment (abstract)
57 Vincente Guiseppe Neutron inelastic scattering as a background in the Majorana Neutrinoless Double-beta Decay Experiment (abstract)
58 J.J. Gomez-Cadenas NEXT: A gas Xenon TPC for the search of bb0nu processes (abstract)
59 Nobuhiro Ishihara The DCBA experiment for neutrinoless double beta decay (abstract)
60 Rob Johnson Surface-alpha backgrounds for the Majorana Neutrinoless Double-Beta Decay Experiment (abstract)
61 Russell Neilson EXO-200 (abstract)
62 Izumi Ogawa Study of 48Ca double beta decay with CANDLES (abstract)
63 Viktor Trapeznikov Application of electron spectroscopy for inverse Beta-decay study Abstract (abstract)
64 Minfang Yeh Metal-loaded Liquid Scintillator for Neutrino Experiment (abstract)
64.5 J. Alsono Re-opening of Hoemstake (abstract)
Beta Decay Endpoint Experiments
65 Saskia Kraft-Bermuth The MARE project for neutrino mass measurements from the beta-decay of 187Re: Status and perspectives (abstract)
66 Michelle Leber Status of the detector for the KATRIN neutrino mass experiment (abstract)
67 Gennady Sapozhnikov High-sensitivity detector for the neutrino investigations on the electron magnetic spectrometer (abstract)
High Energy Neutrino Telescopes and Astrophysical Sources
68 Gary Hill Searches for diffuse astrophysical neutrino fluxes with IceCube and AMANDA (abstract)
69 Albrecht Karle Enhanced energy reach of Icecube (abstract)
70 Gilles Maurin Modelization of the neutrino and gamma flux in supernova remnants (abstract)
71 Rolf Nahnhauer Measurement of Antarctic Ice properties for acoustic neutrino detection (abstract)
72 Jiwoo Nam Results from the ANITA experiment (abstract)
73 Christopher Naumann Detector Design Studies for a Cubic Kilometre Deep Sea Neutrino Telescope - KM3NeT (abstract)
74 Christopher Naumann The Deep Sea Acoustic Detection System AMADEUS (abstract)
75 Andrew Romero-Wolf Radio Frequency Poinitng Algorithm for the Search of Ultra High Energy Neutrinos (abstract)
76 Ricard Tomas Multi-messenger astronomy with Centaurus A (abstract)
Neutrinos in astrophysics and cosmology
77 Alex Eduardo Bernardini MaVaN's in the generalized Chaplygin gas sceario (abstract)
78 Alfredo G. Cocco Cosmological relic neutrino detection using beta decaying nuclei (abstract)
79 Doug Cowen IceCube Deep Core (abstract)
80 Julia Garayoa Links between CP violation in leptogenesis and low energy supersymmetry. (abstract)
81 Sin Kyu Kang Neutrino mass, low scale leptogenesis and dark matter candidates in an extended seesaw model. (abstract)
82 Kai Martens Limits on Cosmogenic Neutrinos from the HiRes Experiment (abstract)
83 Lee Thompson Acoustic Detection of UHE Neutrinos – the ACORNE project (abstract)
84 Raoul Viollier Sterile neutrinos and the rapid formation of supermassive black holes (abstract)
85 Michael Wurm Low Energy Neutrino Astronomy in the future large-volume liquid-scintillator detector LENA (abstract)
Supernova Neutrinos
86 Basudeb Dasgupta Collective three-flavor oscillations of supernova neutrinos (abstract)
89 Andreu Esteban-Pretel Decoherence in supernova neutrino transformations suppressed by deleptonization (abstract)
90 Walter Fulgione Search for neutrino bursts of different duration and origin with the LVD experiment at the Gran Sasso laboratory. (abstract)
90.5 Takashi Iide Search for Supernova Relic Neutrino at Super-Kamiokande (abstract)
91 Subhendra Mohanty Flavour ratios of high energy neutrinos in presence of long-range forces. (abstract)
92 Sergio Pastor Mu-tau neutrino refraction and collective three-flavor transformations in supernovae (abstract)
93 Clarence Virtue HALO - The Helium and Lead Observatory for Supernova Neutrinos (abstract)
94 Hideki Watanabe Neutron Tagging Technique for Relic Supernova Neutrinos in Super-Kamiokande (abstract)
Dark Matter, axions
95 Andrew Beckwith How dark matter, axion walls, and graviton production lead to observable early universe entropy production (abstract)
96 Berta Beltran Dark matter searches with the PICASSO experiment at SNOLAB (abstract)
97 Mark Boulay Dark matter search at SNOLAB with DEAP-1 and DEAP/CLEAN-3600 (abstract)
98 Walter Fulgione The LVD experiment as a low background facility in the Gran Sasso Laboratory (abstract)
99 Thomas Jacques Conservative Constraints on Dark Matter Annihilation into Gamma Rays (abstract)
100 Ben Loer Underground Argon for Low Background Applications (abstract)
102 Walter Potzel Thermal Detector Model for Cryogenic Composite Detectors for the Dark Matter Experiments CRESST and EURECA (abstract)
103 Keith Rielage MiniCLEAN-360: A liquid argon/neon dark matter detector (abstract)
104 Takayuki Tanaka Search for indirect signal of WIMPs in Super-Kamiokande (abstract)
Other topics
105 Leonard Bugel Outreach and Education for Neutrino Experiments (abstract)
106 Assunta di Vacri Nd loaded liquid scintillator for search on 150Nd neutrinoless double beta decay (abstract)
107 Octavian Duliu A dedicated torsion balance to detect neutrinos by coherent scattering on high Debye temperature monocrystals (abstract)
108 Matthias Prall The Wire Electrode of the KATRIN Experiment (abstract)
108 Elena Murchikova Neutrino Spin Dynamics in dense matter and electromagnetic field (abstract)
Neutrino 08 - Christchurch, New Zealand