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September 25-29, 2006 

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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2006
  • Wednesday, September 27
  • Talks
  • Poster Presentations
  • Thursday, September 28
  • Friday, September 29

    Tuesday, September 26, 2006
    PSN Speaker Title Talk Paper SPIRES
    TUPL01 MacFarlane, David Overview of SLAC Program [Talk]    
    TU001 LeCocq, Catherine Status Report on the Alignment Activities at SLAC [Talk]    
    TU002 Quesnel, Jean-Pierre Status Report on the Survey and Alignment of the Accelerators at CERN [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TU003 Burkhart, Scott NIF Alignment and High energy Physics Aspects of NIF [Talk]    
    TU004 Mishima, Kenji Survey and Alignment of the J-PARC [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TU005 Schloesser, Markus Status Report on Survey and Alignment Efforts at DESY [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TU006 Ford, Richard Status Report on the Survey and Alignment Activities at Fermilab [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TU007 Bocean, Virgil Status Report on the Geodetic and Alignment Results for the NuMI/MINOS Project at Fermilab [Talk]    
    TU008 Man, Kaidi Status Report on CSR Survey and Alignment at IMP [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TU009 Wilson, David Survey and Alignment Update from The Diamond Light Source [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TU010 Oshinowo, Babatunde Survey and Alignment of the Fermilab Electron Cooling System [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TU011 Lestrade, Alain Alignment Strategy Used for the Positioning of the Magnets and Girders of the SOLEIL Storage Ring [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TU012 Martin, David Long Term Site Movements at the ESRF [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TU013 Yang, Bingxin Introduction to High-Resolution Accelerator Alignment Using X-ray Optics [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]

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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006 - Talks
    PSN Speaker Title Talk Paper SPIRES
    WE001 Li, Bo The Initial Survey and Alignment of BEPCII Ring      
    WE002 Dong, Lan The Design and Survey of the Control Network of BEPCII      
    WE003 Curtis, Chris Fiducialization of Superconducting Radio Frequency Cryomodules at Jefferson Lab [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WE004 Rey, Fabien Alignment for the ALBA Project [Talk]    
    WE005 LeCocq, Catherine Alignment Plan for the LCLS Undulator [Talk]    
    WE006 Mainaud Durand, Hélène The Active Prealignment of the CLIC Components [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WE007 Yu, Chenghao The Status of SSRF Survey and Alignment System [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WE008 Reichold, Armin The LiCAS-RTRS -- A Rapid and Cost Efficient Survey System for the ILC [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WE009 Gassner, Georg The SLAC Comparator for the Calibration of Digital Leveling Equipment [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]

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    Wednesday, September 27, 2006 - Poster Presentations
    PSN Speaker Title Poster Paper SPIRES
    WEPO01 Bruce, Douglas Eliminating Collimation Error in Area Leveling [Poster]    
    WEPO02 Emamian, Mark Survey and Alignment of the Booster Ring for the Duke Free Electron Laser Storage Ring [Poster]    
    WEPO03 Friedsam, Horst Position Stability of a Kinematical Mounted Target in Vacuum for the High-Resolution Accelerator Alignment Technique Using X-ray Optics [Poster]    
    WEPO04 Fuss, Brian MicroLEGO: Visualizing Survey Data in MicroStation [Poster]    
    WEPO05 Gassner, Georg Developments Regarding Laser Tracker Calibration at SLAC [Poster]    
    WEPO06 Gassner, Georg Calibration of Capacitive Hydrostatic Leveling Sensors [Poster]    
    WEPO07 Gaudreault, Francis Resizing the SPEAR Booster Ring [Poster]    
    WEPO08 Gibson, Stephen The Multi-channel High Precision ATLAS SCT Alignment Monitoring System: A Progress Report [Poster] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO09 Han, Yanmei Frequency Scanning Fibre Interferometer for Absolute Distance Measurements Over a Large Target Area [Poster(jpg)] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO10 Imfeld, Hans Quality Control Surveys for the Assembly of theLarge Area Telescope [Poster]    
    WEPO11 Jansma, William Experience with the LCLS Single Undulator Test (SUT) Setup [Poster]    
    WEPO12 Kim, Young Chan The Results of HLS and Geological Investigation at Pohang Light Source [Poster] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO13 Kimura, Hiroaki Survey and Alignment at Installation of SCSS Prototype Accelerator [Poster]    
    WEPO14 Lestrade, Alain The HLS Used as an Absolute Reference for the Alignment of the SOLEIL Storage Ring   [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO15 Mainaud Durand, Hélène The Motorized Alignment Jacks for the LHC Low Beta Quadrupoles [Poster] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO16 Mainaud Durand, Hélène Radiation Induced Effects on the HLS Sensors [Poster] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO17 Mariani, Antony Insertion Device Alignment for the Diamond Light Source [Poster] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO18 Martin, David Long Term Inclinometer Monitoring - An Update [Poster(jpg)] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO19 Matias, Miho Evaluating MicroStation Geographics GIS [Poster]    
    WEPO20 Penicka, Jaromir Collection and processing of Leica digital level data at APS [Poster]    
    WEPO21 Quesnel, Jean-Pierre Ten Years of Three- dimensional Metrology Applied to the LHC Detectors [Poster] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO22 Rogers, Michael Faro 4 and 8 Foot Platinum Portable CMM Arms [Poster]    
    WEPO23 Sanderson, David A 3-D Coordinate System for the NSCL [Poster] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    WEPO25 Wirth, Holger HICAT - A New Heavy Ion Cancer Therapy Facility / Survey & Alignment Concept, Instru¬mentation and Software [Poster]    
    WEPO26 Volk, James Hydro Static Water Level Systems at Fermilab [Poster] [Paper] [SPIRES]

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    Thursday, September 28, 2006

    PSN Speaker Title Talk Paper SPIRES
    THPL01 Stöhr, Joachim Present and Future X-ray Sources and Scientific Applications [Talk]    
    TH001 Sawyer, Daniel Recent Developments in the Standardization and Testing of Laser Trackers[Talk]    
    TH002 Kume, Tatsuya Evaluation of Error Propagation in Profilometry Using Stitching [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH003 Morita, Yuichi Development of a Mover Having One Nanometer Precision and 4mm Moving Range [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH004 Ivanov, Valentin Dynamic Alignment in Presence of Ground Motion & Technical Noise [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH005 Xiaolong, Wang BEPCII Pre-alignment      
    TH006 Marbs, Andreas A Photogrammetric Alignment Approach at High-Radiation Areas of FAIR [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH007 Grzelak, Grzegorz Simulation of the LiCAS Survey System for the ILC [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH008 Kaemtner, Daniel Straight Line Reference System (SLRS) for the Adjustment of the X-ray Free-electron Laser (XFEL) at DESY [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH009 Bensinger, James High Precision Optical Instrumentation for Large Structures Position Monitoring: The BCAM System Applied to the CMS Magnet [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH010 Matsui, Sakuo Test Results Using Iris and Airy Disc for the BPM Alignment of SCSS (SPring-8 Compact SASE Source) Prototype Accelerator [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH011 Wojcik, George Massive Metrology: Development and Implementation of a 3D Reference Frame for the Realignment of Fermilab's Tevatron [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH012 He, Xiaoye Optimum Adjustment of Q Magnets' Horizontal Place in Storage Ring [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    TH013 Volk, James Roll Measurement of Tevatron Dipoles and Quadrupoles [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]

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    Friday, September 29, 2006

    PSN Speaker Title Talk Paper SPIRES
    FR001 Bruce, Douglas Using Nuisance Parameters to Model Centering Uncertainty [Talk]    
    FR002 Masuzawa, Mika Floor Tilt and Vibration Measurements for the ATF2 [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    FR003 Schloesser, Markus The PETRA III Girder-Concept [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    FR004 Medvedko, Anatoly The Ultrasonic Level Sensors for Precise Alignment of Particle Accelerators and Storage Rings [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    FR005 Singatulin, Shavkat A High Precision Double Tubed Hydrostatic Leveling System for Accelerator Alignment Applications [Talk] [Paper] [SPIRES]
    FR006 Dreyer, Karsten Pre-assembly and Alignment of PROSCAN Beamlines [Poster]    

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