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Workshop Program

Plenary Session

Presenter Title PDF PowerPoint
Robert Siemann (SLAC) Welcome: SAVER Workshop [PDF] [PPT]
Roger Erickson (SLAC) A Facility for Accelerator Physics and Test Beam Experiments [PDF]  
Patric Muggli (USC) Beam-plasma Physics: Experiments at the FFTB [PDF]  
Pisin Chen (SLAC) Overview of Laboratory Astrophysics [PDF] [PPT]
Joachim Stohr (SSRL, SLAC) Exploring Ultrafast Magnetic Switching: Is There a Speed Limit? [PDF]  

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Working Group 1: Beam-plasma Physics

Patric Muggli, leader
Ian Blumfeld, scientific secretary
Presenter Title PDF PowerPoint
Matt Thompson (LLNL) Prospect for Ultra-high Gradient Cherenkov Wakefield Accelerator Experiments at SABER [PDF]  
Devon Johnson (UCLA) Positron Production Experiments at SABER [PDF] [PPT]
Mark J. Hogan (SLAC) Test of Notch Collimator - December 2005 & Prospects for SABER [PDF] [PPT]
Chengkun Huang (UCLA) QuickPIC Simulations of the Two-bunch Operation Regime for SABER [PDF]  
Miaomiao Zhou (UCLA) Quasi-Static Simulations of Self-ionized Plasma Wakefield Acceleration by SABER Relevant Electron/Positron Beams [PDF]  
Sven Reiche (UCLA) Inverse Compton Scattering Experiments at SABER [PDF]  
Erdem Oz (USC) Plasma Dark Current in Self-ionized Plasma Wakefield Accelerators [PDF] [PPT]
Gary Bower(SLAC) A SABER based Plasma Accelerator Development Program [PDF]  

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Working Group 2: Laboratory Astrophysics

Pisin Chen, leader
Chien-wen Chen, Chih-ching Chen, scientific secretaries
Presenter Title PDF PowerPoint
Pierre Sokolsky (Utah) Some Thoughts on Laboratory Astrophysics for UHE Cosmic Rays [PDF] [PPT]
Pisin Chen (KIPAC, SLAC) ESTA: End Station Test of ANITA [PDF] [PPT]
Anatoly Spitkovsky (KIPAC, SLAC) Relativistic Collisionless Shocks: Shock Structure and Particle Acceleration [PDF]  
Eduardo do Couto e Silva (KIPAC, SLAC) Can We Constrain GRB Shock Parameters using the Gamma Ray Large Area Space Telescope? [PDF] [PPT]
Robert Noble (SLAC) Simulation of Relativistic Jet-plasma Interactions Dynamics [PDF]  
Johnny Ng (KIPAC, SLAC) Acceleration in Relativistic Jet-plasma Interactions  at SABER [PDF]  
Kevin Reil (KIPAC, SLAC) An Astrophysical Plasma Wakefield Accelerator: Alfven Wave Induced Plasma Wakefield Acceleration [PDF]  
Bruce Remington (LLNL) Science Outreach on NIF: Possibilities for Astrophysics Experiments [PDF] [PPT]
Bruce Remington (LLNL) Highlights from HEDLA-06 [PDF] [PPT]
W. Gai (ANL) Fluorescence Measurements at ANL and the Auger Experiment [PDF] [PPT]
G. Barbiellini (INFN) Stochastic Wake Field Particle Acceleration in GRB, INFN Poster [PDF] [PPT]

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Working Group 3: Physics at Ultra-fast Timescales

J. Stohr, Y. Acremann, leaders
Sara Gamble, scientific secretary
Presenter Title PDF PowerPoint
Alexander Dobin (Seagate) Magnetism with Ultra-short Magnetic Field Pulses from Highly Relativistic Electron Bunches [PDF]  
Hirohito Ogasawara (SSRL, SLAC) Coherent Control of Surface Reactions using THz Radiation [PDF]  

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Working Group 4: Accelerator Physics
Alex Chao, leader
Melissa Lincoln, Neil Kirby, scientific secretaries
Presenter Title PDF PowerPoint
Paul Emma (SLAC) SABER Longitudinal Tracking Studies [PDF] [PPT]
Yuri Nosochkov (SLAC) SABER Optics [PDF]  
Mark Woodley (SLAC) Implementation of 750 MeV Lattice for N/S Damping Ring Complex [PDF]  

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Working Group Summaries

Presenter Title PDF PowerPoint
Patric Muggli (USC) WG1: Beam-plasma Physics Working Group Summary [PDF]  
Pisin Chen (SLAC) WG2: Laboratory Astrophysics Working Group Summary [PDF] [PPT]
Yves Acremann (SLAC) WG3: Condensed Matter Physics at Ultra Fast Time Scales [PDF]  
Alex Chao (SLAC) WG4: Working Group 4 Accelerator Physics Summary Report [PDF]  

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