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Presenter: Robert Sass (SLAC)
email: rcs@SLAC.Stanford.edu
Review Status: Proceedings Ready - 02/21/02
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COSMIC - The SLAC Control System Migration Challenge

M. Clausen(DESY){*}, R. MacKenzie, R. Sass, H. Shoaee, G. White, L. Yasukawa(SLAC)

The SLAC accelerator control system was designed in the early 1980's and has served a number of large-scale projects such as the SLC and PEP-II as well as numerous smaller experiments. The control system consists of a pair of Compaq Alpha computers running Open VMS, a collection of almost 100 front end processors consisting of Intel Single Board Computers with iRMX OS in Multibus I crates, and CAMAC connectivity to the accelerator hardware. The almost one million lines of VMS-based controls software provides a rich set of applications for machine operation, control and diagnostics. This software makes heavy use of VMS features including use of global section for memory resident real-time database, process-to-process communication tools, event flags, shareable images, etc. While Alpha and VMS are here to stay, for a while, we have chosen to examine possible migration paths before we are faced with emergencies caused by changing technologies. The goal of this effort is to gradually migrate the centralized portion of the control system to different and distributed platforms while ensuring machine operation during the development and the transition phases. The centralized VMS-based database will initially be duplicated and ultimately supplanted by an Oracle database and the application connectivity to all data sources including Oracle, EPICS and history archived data will be provided through the AIDA CORBA-based middleware package which is a byproduct of the NLC control system R&D effort. We will present the motivation, the challenges and some of the early results of this COSMIC effort.
[1] M. Clausen et al., 'Aida - Accelerator Integrated Data Access. An NLC Middleware Concept,' these Proceedings.
[2] R. Sass et al., 'An Integrated Enterprise Accelerator Database for the SLC Control System,' these Proceedings.
{*} On sabbatical at SLAC
{**} Work supported by Department of Energy contract DE-AC03-76SF00515
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