TUAP014 (Poster)

Presenter: Mauro Giacchini (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare - Laboratori Nazionali di Legnaro)
email: mauro.giacchini@lnl.infn.it
Review Status: Proceedings Ready - 02/21/02
FullText: pdf
Eprint: nucl-ex/0111003

A Slow Control System for the GARFIELD Apparatus

M.Giacchini (INFN-LNL), S.Bertocco (SISSA-ISAS), F.Gramegna (INFN-LNL)

A slow control system has been developed at LNL, to set up and monitor the major part of the GARFIELD apparatus electronics. To overcome modern nuclear physics requirements more and more sophisticated and complex apparatuses have been built in the last decade [1], which , on one side, should cover a large fraction of the solid angle, with a high granularity in order to study precise angular correlations between the reaction partners, on the other side should be capable of providing good energy and charge (and/or mass) resolution for a complete identification in a wide range The growing complexity of apparatuses has brought, as a consequence, to the obvious need of developing more compact electronic modules, which on one side guarantee a simplification of the hardware (no elipot, no manual control, few trimmers etc.), in order to be able to handle a larger number of channels per module (16-32), but keeping, on the other side, all those characteristics necessary for nuclear physics studies, as far as linearity, possibility of setting different values of parameters like gain, shaping time, polarity etc. This would permit to read-out and process a large (500-1000) number of channels, with almost the same performances of the standard modules. In this way several multi-channel analogical and digitalizing modules has been newly developed [2]. A remote control system becomes therefore indispensable to set- up the modules parameters and to keep them under control during the measurements.
[1] F. Gramegna et al. A389(1997)474, R.T. De Souza et al. NIM A295(1990)109, I. Iori et al. NIM A325(1993)458, J. Pouthas et al. NIM A357(1995)418
[2] R.Bassini et al NIM A305 (1991) 449, r. Bassini et al IEEE Symposium S. Fe (1991) , A. Ordine IEEE Trans. On Nucl Scien. 45(3)1998
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