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2001 Workshop

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This is the second workshop in a series, following the meeting held at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia, March 1-5, 1999.

Proceedings of the 2001 e+e- Physics at Intermediate Energies Workshop

A word about these proceedings.

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R. Baldini-Ferroli The 2001 PEP-N Workshop
M03/T11 J. Seeman (SLAC) See T11
M04/W15 D. Bettoni (INFN-Ferrara) PEP-N Detector Layout

Theory and Data Related to the R Measurement by PEP-N

Session Chair: V. Sidorov (BINP)
M05 O. Rind (Boston U.) Precision Measurement of g - 2 at BNL
M07 S. Eidelman (BINP) Status of CVC Tests from e+e- --> Hadrons and t-lepton Decay
M09 S. Menke (SLAC) as at Low Q2 from e+e- and t Data

Present Data on R

Session Chair: S. Williams (SLAC)
M10 Z. Zhao (IHEP) Results and Future Plans from BES
M12 F. Harris (U. of Hawaii) R Measurements at High Q2

PEP-N Accelerator/Detector Design I

Session Chair: D. Hitlin (CALTECH) and F. Ferroni (Rome IU)
M13 M.E. Biagini (SLAC) A Low-Energy Ring Lattice Design
M14 M. Negrini (INFN-Ferrara) PEP-N Simulation and Multihadron Detection
M15 M. Placidi (CERN) The PEP-N IP Magnet
M16 J. Va'vra (SLAC) Concept of Central Tracking in PEP-N Experiment

Vector Mesons Spectroscopy

Session Chair: D. Leith (SLAC)
T01 A. Zallo (INFN-LNF) New Results in Diffractive Photoproduction from E687 at FNAL
T02 V. Ivanchenko (BINP) Experimental Status Report on Vector Meson Spectroscopy
T03 E. Solodov (BINP) Study of e+e- Collisions in the 1.5-3 GeV C.M. Energy Region using ISR at BaBar
T04 A. Dzierba (Indiana U.) QCD Confinement and the Hall D Project at Jefferson Lab
T05 A. Donnachie 
(U. of Manchester)
Light Vector Meson Spectroscopy

Future R Measurements

Session Chair: P. Dal Piaz (Ferrara U.)
T06 L. Gibbons (Cornell) The Proposed CLEO-c Program and R Measurement Prospects
T07 A. Denig (INFN-LNF) Measurement of the Hadronic Cross Section at KLOE Using the Radiative Return
T08 I. Koop (BINP) VEPP-2000 Project
T09 D. Grigoriev (BINP) CMD-2 Detector Upgrade
T10 V. Druzhinin (BINP) SND Upgrade

PEP-N Accelerator/Detector Design II

Session Chairs: D. Hitlin (CALTECH) and F. Ferroni (Rome IU)
    Tracking: H. Wyman (LBL)
    Calorimetry: W. Wisniewski (SLAC)
    PID: B. Ratcliff (SLAC)
T11 J. Seeman (SLAC) PEP-N: A 0.8 GeV x 3.1 GeV Collider at SLAC
T12 M. Sullivan (SLAC) More on the Interaction Region of PEP-N
T14 M. Mandelkern (UCI) Luminosity Measurement at PEP-N
T15 A. Onuchin (BINP) Proposal for the Aerogel Cherenkov Counters for the PEP-N Detector
T16 P. Patteri (INFN) A First Design of the PEP-N Calorimeter 
T17 E. Pasqualucci (Rome IU) Preliminary Trigger Studies for the PEP-N Detector

Submitted Contributions

Session Chair: S. Brodsky (SLAC)
T18 K. Zyablyuk (ITEP) QCD Sum Rule Analysis of V and A Current Correlators from t-decay Data
T19 Y. Srivastava 
Dispersive Techniques for as, Rhad and Instability of the Perturbative Vacuum
T20 S. Pacetti (Perugia U.) The Inverse Problem: Extracting Time-Like from Space-Like Data
T21 C. Vogt (Wuppertal) The Photon-Pion Transition Form Factor for Virtual Photons
T23 C. R. Ji (North Carolina) New Progress in Time-Like Exclusive Processes
T24 H. Haiming (IHEP) Hadron Production at Intermediate Energies and Lund Area Law

Photon-Photon Interactions and Other Topics

Session Chair: L. Dixon (SLAC)
W01 S. Brodsky (SLAC) Two-Photon Processes at Intermediate Energies
W02 T. Barillari (Colorado) Experimental Status of Photon Photon into Baryon Antibaryon Pairs
W03 V. Savinov (Pittsburgh) QCD Studies in Two-Photon Collisions at CLEO

Baryon Time-like Form Factors

Session Chair: S. Drell (SLAC)
W07 R. Calabrese (INFN-Ferrara) Experimental Status Report on Time-Like Baryon Form Factors
W08 H-W. Hammer 
(Ohio State U)
Nucleon Form Factors in the Space- and Timelike Regions
W09 C. Carlson 
(William & Mary)
Baryon Form Factors in QCD
W10 M. Karliner (Tel Aviv U.) A Possible Resolution of the e+e- ---> Nbar N Puzzle

PEP-N Accelerator/Detector Design III

Session Chair: R. Arnold (SLAC)
W12 P. Bosted (U. Mass) Measuring Time-Like Form Factors at PEP-N
W14 S. Rock (U. Mass) Measuring the Phases of GE and GM of the Nucleon
W15 D. Bettoni (INFN-Ferrara) See M04.

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