Sid Drell Symposium

The Dinner

Dinner Speaker: James Bjorken (SLAC)

BJ pondered the meaning of a dinner honoring Sid held at a golf course. Musing, he posited that golf is a fixed target experiment, while softball, Sid's real sport, is colliding beams. He took a poll of how many physicists played golf, based on the sample in the room. "Physicists don't play golf," he said based on his survey. "that's probably the most profound thing I will say tonight."


The Drell Fest dinner was a classy affair, with a string quartet providing musical entertainment. One of the violinists offered to trade places and let Drell play for his supper, much to Sid's amusement.


Burton Richter read several congratulatory letters on Drell's retirement, notably one from Bill Clinton.

Drell had the last word after all, in his concluding remarks. He complimented those who work in the nuclear nonproliferation area, stating, "I know the labors of you in politics. I have at least rational laws of nature." Drell again thanked the members of the Organizing Committee and all those responsible for the day's events. "This is merely a rite of passage. I plan to be in my office at SLAC when I'm not somewhere else. Thank you all."


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