SCS Support for VMS

Charles Granieri, Les Cottrell, Teresa Downey

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Central SLACVX Cluster Administration

The SLACVX Cluster will be shutdown after SLD finishes its off-line data analysis. This is currently scheduled for the end of 2001.

SLAC will provide system administration for the central SLACVX cluster, comprised of the AS8400, ten Alpha workstations, six VAX workstations, SCSI disks and a connection to the STK silo.

The support provided by SCS will include:

Support for SLACnet was discontinued in 1997 when general user logon to VMS was discontinued. We are actively phasing out SCS support for OpenVMS workstations and Xterminals booted from VMS.

There are no plans to upgrade VMS beyond the currently installed version (7.1). Layered products will not be upgraded as new versions are released, but only as necessary.

Central SLACVX Hardware Support

Any requests for cluster hardware upgrades will need to be evaluated to determine their impact on support requirements etc. We are actively reviewing how to provide on-going support for communicating with the STK silo as DEC drops support for the KCM44.

Software/Documentation License Management

Maintain the SLAC-wide DEC software/documentation maintenance contract

In the event of a major change in the outside support for VMS, we will need to review how and whether to continue central support for VMS. Such changes in outside support might include, but not be limited to, Campus drops it CSLG licensing support, DEC support for VMS support changes.

Hardware Service Management

In the event of a major change in support from DEC (e.g. support for the KCM44 terminates), or the maintenance vendor (e.g. they can no longer support part of our hardware mix), we will need to review whether and how to continue support.