VM Usage Justification

This form is used to request continuation of a VM account past the March 15, 1998 cutoff date. It should be used by VM users who have a specific, documented need to continue using VM for some portion of the remainder of its lifetime. No groups have automatic extensions.

If your web browser does not support forms (the WEB command on VM does not), then email the requested information to Chuck Boeheim

Additional information on the VM phaseout schedule can be found on the VM Migration Home Page.

Your full name:
SLACVM userid(s):
Your E-mail address:
Your SLAC extension:

Enter your justification for continuing this account beyond the March 15, 1998 cutoff date. List the specific applications that you require access to. If these applications do not already have conversion plans, describe your plan for moving this activity off of VM by the time the VM machine is shutdown in June 1998. If the application already has a conversion plan, e.g., ELDREQ, you do not need to supply a plan.

Date extension requested until:

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