Access to CMS Minidisk Data

4 Jun 2000

Minidisk Archives

VM accounts which have been individually deleted (usually by a group czar) have had their minidisks archived at that time. (This procedure has been followed for many years, not just for accounts closed during the VM Phaseout.)

Minidisk Morgue

For all accounts deleted from VM since early in the VM Phaseout, including accounts that still existed when VM was shutdown on Monday, 5 October 1998, binary images of the minidisks are accessible in Unix in /afs/slac/morgue/slacvm/group/userid, where group is your two-letter group code, and userid is your VM userid. Each minidisk belonging to the account will be a subdirectory. Files from VM are usually in EBCDIC code and need translation before being readable on UNIX. The vmfile command will translate EBCDIC to ASCII and convert VM record conventions to UNIX conventions.

Len Moss