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VM Archive Restore Request

Use this form to request restoration of VM archive files.  If you have any questions on completing this form, please read the online page discussing VM Backups and Archives.  

To list which catalogs exist from the VM archive system, and to list the contents of a specific catalog, please see the VM Archive List Utility.

Note:  Users with active VM accounts can still restore their own files archived on 3480 (square cartridge) tapes at no charge.

User Information
Account Number:   (e.g. 11-2222)
or Work Order:   (e.g. 11-2222-3)
Email Address:   (e.g.
File Information
VMID of the archiving Account:   (e.g. MEB, or USERACCT)

Fileid(s) - filename filetype - of file(s) to be restored, or alternate file specification:  (Include archive date if multiple versions of a file were archived.)

Please hit carriage return for readability

Additional Comments:

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