Unix Software

Currently Supported Unix Operating Systems

VendorVersion for new InstallsLegacy Version(s)
Solaris7 (a.k.a. 2.7)2.5.1, 2.6
RedHat Linux6.26.0, 6.1

Unix Applications

Note: This page has just been started, and the list of applications is very incomplete! Most applications are available for both Solaris and Linux. Exceptions are noted.

Centrally maintained unix applications may be supported at one of three levels from 1 (highest) to 3 (lowest), much as described here.

Support is provided via the unix-admin mailing list.

Browsers Netscape Navigator1 
Lynx3purely text-based
Connectivity Secure Shell (SSH) 1 Secure replacement for rsh, rlogin and telnet
PC SSH Software  See "Security" on the NT Supported Softwarepage.
PC X Windows Software  See "X servers" on the NT Supported Softwarepage.
NCD X Terminals 1There are a number of X Terminals from Network Computing Devices, Inc., available on site. These graphical terminals permit you to login to one of the flora pool of machines. From there, you can use SSH to access other hosts.
TeX1typesetter for technical pubs.
StarOffice2Free MSOffice emulator
gv (ghostview)1ps and pdf files
acroread1Adobe Acrobat Reader for pdf files
E-mail pine 1 
Netscape Messenger 2  
Editors emacs 1 
vi 1 
xemacs 2 
nedit 3 
xe (UNI-xedit)3solaris version of VM xedit
ftp 1 Authenticated or anonymous file transfer; no password encryption
Secure Copy (scp) 1 Fully encrypted file copy; part of SSH
xfig 1Xwindow Drafting Program
NCAR Graphics 2 
TopDraw 3 
Printing lpr 1 
enscript 2 
UNI-rexxnounix version of VM rexx. Solaris only.
Shells tcsh1Enhanced csh; default for new users
bash 2 GNU Bourne-Again SHell
csh 2 C shell
ksh 2 Korn shell
sh 2 Bourne shell (traditional UNIX shell)

last updated: 9 February 2001

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