Updated: 30 Jan 2013
AFS Quota Self-Service Manage the AFS quota(s) for your personal volume(s).
General AFS Quota Request an increase in AFS quota or a new AFS volume.
AFS Restore Request restore of an AFS file or volume from backup
Computer Accounts Request a SLAC computer account
NFS Access for
SCS-administered system
Use this simplified form to request access to SLAC's central NFS servers from a system administered entirely by SCS. (Note: if you have any special privileges on your system you must use the Superuser/NFS Privileges form to request NFS access.)
Printer Queue Request a printer queue or bootp service
Superuser/NFS Privileges Use this form to request sudo privileges or a private root password on a desktop system administered by SCS; or to request access to SLAC's central NFS servers on a privately administered system (supersedes former NFS Access form).