Updated: 16 Oct 2006
Anonymous FTP Anonymous ftp allows SLAC users and non-SLAC collaborators to exchange files easily.
Backup in UNIX Information about UNIX backup systems.
Disk Space Policy Types of storage available to UNIX systems at SLAC, and their backup and retention period policies.
Printer Names & Queues A list of all printers defined to the SLAC UNIX systems, their queue names, and host machines names.
Public Machines This is a list of public machines that you may log onto for different types of work.
Samba Using Samba to access Unix filesystems from Windows.
Secure Erase Securely erasing UNIX files and free disk space.
Security Information about security practices at SLAC.
SSH Information about the use of SSH for secure connections to SLAC machines.
VNC in UNIX Security issues for VNC in UNIX.