Updated: 27 Jan 2010
Java at SLAC Information about the Java programming language, compilers and virtual machines available on SLAC's UNIX systems.
Guide to CERNLIB at SLAC Information about CERNLIB versions available on SLAC's UNIX system.
Taylor Information about Taylor, the tool used to configure servers and workstations at SLAC.
GNU Information Information about GNU software at SLAC, including emacs and gcc
TeX Information Information about TeX and related utilities at SLAC.
AFS Information A page of links to information about the AFS file system.
Software Package Maintenance Introduction to maintaining software in SLAC's AFS package space.
SLAC-wide Computing Information pertinent to computing on all SLAC platforms.
Newsgroups There are a number of newsgroups that are of interest to users of UNIX at SLAC. This is a link to a page that lists a number of interesting newsgroups.
Online Books The SLAC and Stanford libraries provide online access to a number of O'Reilly publications on a wide variety of computer science and information technology subjects.