High Performance Computing at SLAC

If you wish to use a significant amount of UNIX Compute Farm resources, please send email to unix-admin to discuss the resources you will need, your schedule, and how your request will be balanced with the request from other researchers.

Batch Farm News

LSF 9.1.2 Available for Testing

Using LSF at SLAC

General Queue Description
General Queue Host CPU Limits
Fermi/GLAST Using the SLAC Batch Farm

Parallel Computing at SLAC

Parallel computing at SLAC
Pinto cluster for MPI computing
OpenMPI and LSF

Best Practices for Batch Jobs

Best Practices using Batch Recommendations for ways to work within the batch environment that are both productive and responsible.

Using LSF at SLAC: Special Clusters

LSF at SLAC for SIMES users

Mass Storage Systems for the Farm

The ASTORE system is provided for the storage of large data files for use on the farm.
ASTORE Command Reference

IBM LSF Documentation

LSF 9.1 Documentation Index

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