Updated: 30 Aug 2001
Node Name Conventions Each system on the SLAC network must have a name. Most groups have adopted conventions for workstation names. Consult with members of your group to select a name in accordance with your group conventions.
IP and Node Name Form Fill out this form to have an IP address and node name assigned to your workstation, X-Terminal, Mac or PC. Please do this ten days before your new desktop machine is scheduled to arrive at SLAC.
Request OS Installation and Tayloring For supported workstations, the level of Operating System in use at SLAC may need to be installed on your workstation, and local software customizations applied. Click on this link to send mail to SCS requesting installation. Please give us one week notice before the machine arrives. Time for installation will vary depending on overall priorities of staff workload and available staff time.
Recommended Hardware Recommended hardware for desktops and laptops for Linux.
Linux Current news on Linux support at SLAC, instructions on how to configure your Linux system for the SLAC network.
Taylor Information about Taylor, the tool used to configure servers and workstations at SLAC.