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SLAC Server Installation Request

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Updated: 11 July 2001

This form is for SLAC affiliates who need to have the operating system installed on computing hardware that has been designated for their use at SLAC. This is not for desktop installation. If you want to request installation of Solaris on a desktop system, please complete the SLAC Solaris Installation Request Form . There is currently no form for requesting installation of Linux systems.

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. We will confirm via email that your request has been received and will schedule the installation as soon as possible given existing resources and priorities. Before the operating system can be installed, we need to have a hostname and IP address for the system. We can select this for you or you can make the request yourself by completing the SLAC Nodename and Address Request Form and taking it to the Help Desk in the Computer Building (Building 50).

Fields with an asterisk * are required for processing the request.

Your Full Name *
EMail Address *
(for response to this request)
Phone Extension
IP Address
Operating System Linux
Operating System Details
(version, level, etc.)
Restricted Login Yes
If Restricted Login, list userids
Put System in IFZ Yes
Workgroup Specification
Taylor Options You Need
Reason for this Installation New System
Replacement of Existing System - Same Function
Replacement of Existing System - New Function
Function of System *
(e.g., database, web, mail)
Usage of System
(e.g., production, development, test)
Disk Requirements
(directory names, permissions, etc.)
Additional Instructions

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