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Unix Print Queue Request Form

Updated: 24 May 2001

Use this form to request that a unix queue be established for a printer. Before filling out this form, you need to:

  1. Call the help desk to get your printer into the queue for network installation.
  2. Fill out the "SLAC Nodename and Address Request Form" available at the Help Desk in Building 50 in order to get a name and ip address for your printer. Please note that we request you follow our standard naming convention for printers. HP printers should be named starting with the letters 'hp' and followed by something that identifies the location of your printer. For instance, we have printers with names like hpae1a, located in building A&E on the first floor, and hpcgb3b, located in the computer building on the 3rd floor.
We currently support only HP printers, although we will make entries for other types of printers provided they can act as their own print server or you have a machine that can act as a server for it. If you are asking for a queue for an unsupported printer, please note that, along with any special considerations, in the `Additional Instructions' field on the form below. Please note that:
  • Your printer has to be hooked to the network before a queue can be provided. To get your printer hooked to the network, see items 1 and 2 above.
  • If this is a new printer, you will find the name assigned to it on the form you get back from the Help Desk in response to your "SLAC Nodename and Address Request Form".
  • Please enter your Email address, Printer Name, Printer Model, Physical Location, and System Administrator. Specify whether or not to print header pages or if your printer has the capability to duplex. Include any further data you feel necessary in the `Additional Instructions' field at the bottom.

    EMail address
    (for response to this request)
    Printer Name
    Printer Model
    Physical Location
    Printer Administrator
    Print Header Pg (y or n)
    Duplex (y or n)
    Additional Instructions

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