VxWorks at SLAC


Meeting Agenda for July 11,2001

Current Status of  the "Controls Software Engineering" VxWorks License

Who can use this VxWorks License?

Which Architectures and board support packages are installed?

Where is VxWorks installed?

How do upgrades get implimented?

How to add a new architecture and/or bsp?

How is maintenance handled each year?

Who to contact if you have questions?

Where to get information about "VxWorks at SLAC"?

Next Meeting

Action Items

  • Chagned cdvx account to a "password-less" account
  • Obtain an accurate account of the current number of VxWorks target run-time license at SLAC
  • Determine how many run-time licenses are need at the moment and in the near future.
  • Purchase bulk (possibly 50) run-time licenses from WindRiver or another source (cpu manufactures)
  • Len Moss will have Wei Yang monitor WindRiver web site for upgrades. The type of upgrades of interest include VxWorks and Tornado development tools.
  • All future upgrades of VxWorks/Tornado will be done in a separate master directory. Email would then be sent to all vxWorks users at SLAC using the vxworks-l mailing list, informing them of the upgrade. It is the responsibiltiy of the users to test the new version of vxWorks and/or Tornado.


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