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Hardware Modules

This page contains a list of I/O device for which VxWorks applications are available. The contents below are sorted by the primary I/O bus type. Some of the software writtten below was written by people at other Labs. However, the software has been downloaded, and built on Unix. for SLAC use. For additional information contact Kristi Luchini.

Model No.
I/O Type
SLAC Contact
Pentek 4284 DSP MIX Baseboard dsp4284 Linda Hendrickson
SBS Technologies Bit3 412/422 Shared Memory Module bit3 Kristi Luchini
SBS Technologies IP-488 GPIB ipGpib Kristi Luchini
SBS Technologies VIPC-616C Industry Carrier APS
ISEQ VHQ-203M Precision High Voltage  vhq Kristi Luchini
CAEN CaenV265 8-Channel Charge Integrating ADC APS Discontinued model
VMIC VMICVME4100 16-Channel 12-Bit DAC LBL Discontinued model
VMIC VMICVME4140 Intelligent 32-Bit DAC w/ Autocalibration SLAC Software under development
VMIC VMICVME2534 32-Bit Digital Input/Output Module LBL
VMIC VMICVME3122 High Performance 64-Channel 16-bit ADC SLAC Software under development
Lecroy 1176 16-Channel Multihit Time-To-Digital Converter LBL
Joerger VTR812/10 8-Channel 10MHz,12-Bit Analog Digitizer vtr Kristi Luchini
BiRa Systems VME 7305 (VSAM) 32-Channel 16-Bit Analog LBL Stephanie Allison
XYCOM XVME 203/293 Counter Module w/Quadrature SLAC Software under development
Module No.
I/O Type
SLAC Contact
SLAC Arch/Interlock Stephanie Allison
SLAC Clock Module Stephanie Allison
SLAC Gap Fd Foward Stephanie Allison
SLAC Rf Processor Stephanie Allison
SLAC IQ Dector Stephanie Allison
SLAC Comb Filter Stephanie Allison


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