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This page is for recent news about the VxWorks and/or changes to this site. If you wish to report a news item that should appear here, send it to Kristi Luchini. The Unix software installation and setup work is provided by Wei Yang at SCS.

June 25, 2002
Tornado Version 1.0.1
Patch installed: SPR 25893
Description:  flag -mlongcall; attributes (shortcall & longcall); #pragma longcall
June 11,2002
Changed account manager to Harvey Wong, also changed field application engineer and inside sales person.
April, 2002
Change account manager to Dane, Nando is on a leave of absense.
January 19, 2002
Submitted purchase requisition for Maintenance Renewal of VxWorks OEM License.
January 15, 2002
January 14, 2002
Ann Brockway from WindRiver returned called, providing a correction to theTornado Maintenace Relewal quote.
Submitted purchase request  for Maintenance Renewal of Tornado Development Tools License. The maintenance renewal format has changed, in that we pay for total number of Standard Development Tool Licenses independent of architecture, and the total number of Professional Development Tool Licenses independent of architecture. Holiday vacation schedules delayed a purchase request being drawn up and submitted for signature.
January 11,2002
Kristi Luchini phoned Teri Jones from WindRiver to clarify Tornado Development Tools Maintenance Renewal. The WindRiver quote only listed 5 users, 4 standard and 1 professional. The correct number of license is 4 standard for PowerPC, 1 professional for PowerPC, 9 Standard for 68K and 1 Professional for 68K.
January 9,2002
Kristi Luchini returned from holiday vacation which began Dec 15, 2001.
January 2, 2002
Tornado Development Tool License Renewal is due.
December 18, 2001
SCS has setup a TFTP server for vxWorks users. For more detail about this node click here.
December 11, 2001
Terri Church received the WindRiver renewal notice, dated December 11, 2001 and forwarded the notice to Kristi Luchini via interoffice mail.
July 23,2001,
          Changed name of vxworks master and devel directories from tor-2.0 to tor-2.0.2.
Setup scripts now found at /afs/slac/package/vxworks/master/tor-2.0.2
Changed devel directory for spear from spear3 to spear as requested by H.Rarback.
July 2, 2001
Wei Yang upgraded master copy of Tornado 2.0 to 2.0.2.
VxWorks 5.4.2 / Tornado 2.0.2 is distributed as a patch to 5.4.0 / Tornado 2.0
Installed lastest driver updates.
Patch installed: SPR 6903 (included ???)
June 25, 2001
All WindRiver contracts have been changed due to WindRiver reorganization. Check contacts page.
March, 2001
Created SLAC VxWorks development areas with group acl's. The development areas are located in
SLAC Group
UNIX path
Controls Group (ESD) /afs/slac/package/vxworks/devel/tor-<ver>/cd
Babar Data Acquisition  /afs/slac/package/vxworks/devel/tor-<ver>/babar/daq
Babar Detector Control /afs/slac/package/vxworks/devel/tor-<ver>/babar/slow-ctrl
End Station A /afs/slac/package/vxworks/devel/tor-<ver>/esa
GLAST /afs/slac/package/vxworks/devel/tor-<ver>/glast
*Spear3 /afs/slac/package/vxworks/devel/tor-<ver>/spear3
Note: spear3 now referenced as spear as of 23-Jul-2001
February 8 ,2001
Installed Tornado 1.0.1/VxWorks 5.3.1 into /afs/slac/package/vxworks/master/tor-1.0.1
Installed Tornado 2.0/VxWorks 5.4 into /afs/slac/package/vxworks/master/tor-2.0
Installed Develpment tools for Tornado 1.0.1 and Tornado 2.0
Setup scripts /afs/slac/package/vxworks/master/tor-1.0.1/ENVS.csh and ENVX.sh created
Setup scripts /afs/slac/package/vxworks/master/tor-2.0/ENVS.csh and ENVX.sh created
Len Moss created "vxworks-l" along with web page
January 10, 2001
Tornado 1.0.1 received for 68K and PowerPC Architecture, missing VxWorks boot ROMS.
Called Kathy Trudeau at WindRiver and left a message. Also, called our account manager
Dan Boehmke to arrange shipment of boot ROMS. Dan Boehmke and Eric Cowden will
coordinate with Kathy Trudeau to get the necessary items shipped to SLAC.
January  5, 2001
Tornado 2.0 received, missing ROM for PowePC and BSP software for
both Tornado 2.0 and Tornado 1.0.1. Called Kathy Trudeau at WindRiver
to resolve shipment received and purchase order. Additional items should be
shipped sometime next week.
December 20, 2000
SLAC purchase order received by WindRiver.
December 12, 2000
Submit SLAC purchase request for Tornado 2.0 and PowerPC BSP for Tornado 2.0 and 1.0.1

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