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This page supplies some pointers to further documentation about TeX and related programs (e.g., LaTeX and dvips). It also contains information about the status of SLAC's unix TeX installation. TeX is available on solaris and linux.

Questions or problems: please e-mail unix-admin

TeX update May, 2008 - latex2html

SLAC will soon (May, 2008) be switching to a newer TeX distribution for unix (solaris and linux), teTeX 3.0. Currently this, distribution does not support the latex2html translator utility. If you have LaTeX source that uses the latex2html html.sty file (e.g., \usepackage{html}), you will need to do something to let TeX/LaTeX know where the file is:
  1. Run the command "fix-latex2html". This will create a subdirectory tree in your home directory with a symlink to the needed files; it only needs to be done once per userid. (This is the preferred solution.)
  2. Or set the environment variable TEXMFVAR:
    setenv TEXMFVAR /afs/

Note that the old "phyzzx" and "psizzl" commands will not be updated, but should continue to work as before.

Information about the previous update is available here.

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updated: 12 May 2008