The information below is old and should no longer be needed.

Change of Default Version of TeX, dvips, etc.

On March 29th, 2001, the default version of TeX (and its related utilities) changed at SLAC.

The production version in use before that date is quite old. The new version is much more up-to-date (based on the "TeX Live 5" distribution). All the popular packages should be available with the new version.

The most noticeable difference with the new version is with dvips. The old version used bit-mapped fonts. The new version uses "Type-1" fonts by default. Both versions print well, but may appear differently when viewed online. In particular, the (new) Type-1 fonts produce a much crisper appearance for pdf files, when the postscript file is converted to pdf (for example with distill), and then viewed with acroread. However, when using a postscript viewer like "gv" (ghostview), the fonts may appear lighter than before. You can override the use of Type-1 fonts by using the "-V" option with dvips. (Unfortunately, it is impossible to configure dvips so that bit-mapped fonts are the default and Type-1 are optional.)
Papers for publication should use the Type-1 fonts (i.e, do not use the "-V" option).

There have been several reports of problems of "missing fonts" with the new dvips. Most often these occur when postscript graphics are included in the TeX. A similar, possibly related problem has been reported using xdvi. We are investigating these problems but do not yet have a fix. In the mean time, you can use dvips-old and xdvi-old.

The old versions are still be available. After the new TeX-Live-5 versions become the default, the older versions will still be available, by using the commands:

RevTeX macros
The APS finally released version 4 of its RevTeX macros (used for submitting papers to Physical Review) in August, 2001. Because this version is not strictly backwards compatible, APS has named it "revtex4". Use that style for all new pubs. (Using "revtex" will get you version 3, which is not compatible with LaTeX 2e.)

See also /afs/slac/package/tex/doc/revtex4 for more documentation, or

A different tex-to-html translator: tth (or TtH).
NOTE: the html that is produced may not look correct unless certain fonts (and their aliases) are available.
More documentation:
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