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Where To Go From Here

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Chapter 7: Where To Go From Here

  • Documentation Overview
  • Writing an Application
  • At this point, you should have successfully installed a GNU Cross Compilation Tools for RTEMS on your host system as well as the RTEMS OS for the target host. You should have successfully linked the "hello world" program. You may even have downloaded the executable to that target and run it. What do you do next?

    The answer is that it depends. You may be interested in writing an application that uses one of the multiple APIs supported by RTEMS. You may need to investigate the network or filesystem support in RTEMS. The common thread is that you are largely finished with this manual and ready to move on to others.

    Whether or not you decide to dive in now and write application code or read some documentation first, this chapter is for you. The first section provides a quick roadmap of some of the RTEMS documentation. The next section provides a brief overview of the RTEMS application structure.

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