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Chapter 3: Objectives

  • List of Requirements
  • Requirements Analysis
  • Requirements Selection
  • Implied Restrictions
  • This section is intended to clearly define the current objectives of our work. First, we will try here to list some ambitious requirements for the debugger in section List of Requirements. These requirements will deliberately be much more ambitious than what we will provide directly ourselves in the hope that the Internet development model will enable others to implement some features we rejected for man-power reasons in the first step. We are committed to do the core work and redistribute it but would appreciate any comment and enhancement. Then, in section Requirements Analysis we will analyze each requirement to see what technical problem must be solved if we want to fullfill it. After this analysis, we will determine in section Requirements Selection the requirements we chose to implement and the ones we will not. We will then clearly identify the limits of our solution in section Implied Restrictions.

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