RTEMS 4.6.2 On-Line Library

Building RTEMS

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Chapter 4: Building RTEMS

  • Required Tools
  • Issues when building RTEMS
  • Host Operating Systems and RTEMS
  • Development related questions
  • Building any package in a cross-compilation fashion can be difficult, but configuring and building a real-time operating system that supports many CPU families and target boards can be confusing. The RTEMS development team has made every effort to make this process as straight forward as possible but there are going to be questions.

    Moreover, between RTEMS 4.0 and 4.5, the configure and Makefile system in RTEMS was changed to be more compatible with GNU standards. This transition has lead to a number of subtle differences.

    This section of the FAQ tries to address the more frequently asked questions about building RTEMS. Thanks to Ralf Corsepius for compiling this section from excerpts from various postings to the rtems-users mailing list.

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