Type Descriptors

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Table of Type Descriptors

The type descriptor is the character which follows the type number and
an equals sign.  It specifies what kind of type is being defined.
*Note String Field::, for more information about their use.
     Type reference; see *Note String Field::.
     Reference to builtin type; see *Note Negative Type Numbers::.
     Method (C++); see *Note Method Type Descriptor::.
     Pointer; see *Note Miscellaneous Types::.

Reference (C++).

     Type Attributes (AIX); see *Note String Field::.  Member (class
     and variable) type (GNU C++); see *Note Member Type Descriptor::.
     Array; see *Note Arrays::.
     Open array; see *Note Arrays::.
     Pascal space type (AIX); see *Note Miscellaneous Types::.  Builtin
     integer type (Sun); see *Note Builtin Type Descriptors::.  Const
     and volatile qualified type (OS9000).
     Volatile-qualified type; see *Note Miscellaneous Types::.
     Complex builtin type (AIX); see *Note Builtin Type Descriptors::.
     Const-qualified type (OS9000).
     COBOL Picture type.  See AIX documentation for details.
     File type; see *Note Miscellaneous Types::.
     N-dimensional dynamic array; see *Note Arrays::.
     Enumeration type; see *Note Enumerations::.
     N-dimensional subarray; see *Note Arrays::.
     Function type; see *Note Function Types::.
     Pascal function parameter; see *Note Function Types::
     Builtin floating point type; see *Note Builtin Type Descriptors::.
     COBOL Group.  See AIX documentation for details.
     Imported type (AIX); see *Note Cross-References::.
     Volatile-qualified type (OS9000).
     Const-qualified type; see *Note Miscellaneous Types::.
     COBOL File Descriptor.  See AIX documentation for details.
     Multiple instance type; see *Note Miscellaneous Types::.
     String type; see *Note Strings::.
     Stringptr; see *Note Strings::.
     Opaque type; see *Note Typedefs::.
     Procedure; see *Note Function Types::.
     Packed array; see *Note Arrays::.
     Range type; see *Note Subranges::.
     Builtin floating type; see *Note Builtin Type Descriptors:: (Sun).
     Pascal subroutine parameter; see *Note Function Types:: (AIX).
     Detecting this conflict is possible with careful parsing (hint: a
     Pascal subroutine parameter type will always contain a comma, and
     a builtin type descriptor never will).
     Structure type; see *Note Structures::.
     Set type; see *Note Miscellaneous Types::.
     Union; see *Note Unions::.
     Variant record.  This is a Pascal and Modula-2 feature which is
     like a union within a struct in C.  See AIX documentation for
     Wide character; see *Note Builtin Type Descriptors::.
     Cross-reference; see *Note Cross-References::.
     Used by IBM's xlC C++ compiler (for structures, I think).
     gstring; see *Note Strings::.