Symbol Descriptors

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Table of Symbol Descriptors

The symbol descriptor is the character which follows the colon in many
stabs, and which tells what kind of stab it is.  *Note String Field::,
for more information about their use.
     Variable on the stack; see *Note Stack Variables::.
     C++ nested symbol; see *Note Nested Symbols::.
     Parameter passed by reference in register; see *Note Reference
     Based variable; see *Note Based Variables::.
     Constant; see *Note Constants::.
     Conformant array bound (Pascal, maybe other languages); *Note
     Conformant Arrays::.  Name of a caught exception (GNU C++).  These
     can be distinguished because the latter uses `N_CATCH' and the
     former uses another symbol type.
     Floating point register variable; see *Note Register Variables::.
     Parameter in floating point register; see *Note Register
     File scope function; see *Note Procedures::.
     Global function; see *Note Procedures::.
     Global variable; see *Note Global Variables::.
     *Note Register Parameters::.
     Internal (nested) procedure; see *Note Nested Procedures::.
     Internal (nested) function; see *Note Nested Procedures::.
     Label name (documented by AIX, no further information known).
     Module; see *Note Procedures::.
     Argument list parameter; see *Note Parameters::.
     *Note Parameters::.
     Fortran Function parameter; see *Note Parameters::.
     Unfortunately, three separate meanings have been independently
     invented for this symbol descriptor.  At least the GNU and Sun
     uses can be distinguished by the symbol type.  Global Procedure
     (AIX) (symbol type used unknown); see *Note Procedures::.
     Register parameter (GNU) (symbol type `N_PSYM'); see *Note
     Parameters::.  Prototype of function referenced by this file (Sun
     `acc') (symbol type `N_FUN').
     Static Procedure; see *Note Procedures::.
     Register parameter; see *Note Register Parameters::.
     Register variable; see *Note Register Variables::.
     File scope variable; see *Note Statics::.
     Local variable (OS9000).
     Type name; see *Note Typedefs::.
     Enumeration, structure, or union tag; see *Note Typedefs::.
     Parameter passed by reference; see *Note Reference Parameters::.
     Procedure scope static variable; see *Note Statics::.
     Conformant array; see *Note Conformant Arrays::.
     Function return variable; see *Note Parameters::.