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`pow', `powf'--x to the power y

     #include <math.h>
     double pow(double X, double Y);
     float pow(float X, float Y);
`pow' and `powf' calculate X raised to the exp1.0nt Y.
On success, `pow' and `powf' return the value calculated.
   When the argument values would produce overflow, `pow' returns
`HUGE_VAL' and set `errno' to `ERANGE'.  If the argument X passed to
`pow' or `powf' is a negative noninteger, and Y is also not an integer,
then `errno' is set to `EDOM'.  If X and Y are both 0, then `pow' and
`powf' return `1'.
   You can modify error handling for these functions using `matherr'.
`pow' is ANSI C. `powf' is an extension.