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`frexp', `frexpf'--split floating-point number

     #include <math.h>
     double frexp(double VAL, int *EXP);
     float frexpf(float VAL, int *EXP);
All non zero, normal numbers can be described as M * 2**P.  `frexp'
represents the double VAL as a mantissa M and a power of two P. The
resulting mantissa will always be greater than or equal to `0.5', and
less than `1.0' (as long as VAL is nonzero). The power of two will be
stored in `*'EXP.
   M and P are calculated so that VAL is M times `2' to the power P.
   `frexpf' is identical, other than taking and returning floats rather
than doubles.
`frexp' returns the mantissa M. If VAL is `0', infinity, or Nan,
`frexp' will set `*'EXP to `0' and return VAL.
`frexp' is ANSI.  `frexpf' is an extension.