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`wcsncpy'--copy part of a wide-character string

     #include <wchar.h>
     wchar_t *wcsncpy(wchar_t *S1, const wchar_t *S2, size_t N);
The `wcsncpy' function copies not more than n wide-character codes
(wide-character codes that follow a null wide-character code are not
copied) from the array pointed to by S2 to the array pointed to by S1.
If copying takes place between objects that overlap, the behaviour is
   If the array pointed to by S2 is a wide-character string that is
shorter than N wide-character codes, null wide-character codes are
appended to the copy in the array pointed to by S1, until N
wide-character codes in all are written.
The `wcsncpy' function returns S1; no return value is reserved to
indicate an error.
`wcsncpy' is ISO/IEC 9899/AMD1:1995 (ISO C).  No supporting OS
subroutines are required.