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`strxfrm'--transform string

     #include <string.h>
     size_t strxfrm(char *S1, const char *S2, size_t N);
This function transforms the string pointed to by S2 and places the
resulting string into the array pointed to by S1. The transformation is
such that if the `strcmp' function is applied to the two transformed
strings, it returns a value greater than, equal to, or less than zero,
correspoinding to the result of a `strcoll' function applied to the
same two original strings.
   No more than N characters are placed into the resulting array
pointed to by S1, including the terminating null character. If N is
zero, S1 may be a null pointer. If copying takes place between objects
that overlap, the behavior is undefined.
   With a C locale, this function just copies.
The `strxfrm' function returns the length of the transformed string
(not including the terminating null character). If the value returned
is N or more, the contents of the array pointed to by S1 are
`strxfrm' is ANSI C.
   `strxfrm' requires no supporting OS subroutines.