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`mallinfo', `malloc_stats', `mallopt'-malloc support

     #include <malloc.h>
     struct mallinfo mallinfo(void);
     void malloc_stats(void);
     int mallopt(int PARAMETER, VALUE);
     struct mallinfo _mallinfo_r(void *REENT);
     void _malloc_stats_r(void *REENT);
     int _mallopt_r(void *REENT, int PARAMETER, VALUE);
`mallinfo' returns a structure describing the current state of memory
allocation.  The structure is defined in malloc.h.  The following
fields are defined: `arena' is the total amount of space in the heap;
`ordblks' is the number of chunks which are not in use; `uordblks' is
the total amount of space allocated by `malloc'; `fordblks' is the
total amount of space not in use; `keepcost' is the size of the top
most memory block.
   `malloc_stats' print some statistics about memory allocation on
standard error.
   `mallopt' takes a parameter and a value.  The parameters are defined
in malloc.h, and may be one of the following: `M_TRIM_THRESHOLD' sets
the maximum amount of unused space in the top most block before
releasing it back to the system in `free' (the space is released by
calling `_sbrk_r' with a negative argument); `M_TOP_PAD' is the amount
of padding to allocate whenever `_sbrk_r' is called to allocate more
   The alternate functions `_mallinfo_r', `_malloc_stats_r', and
`_mallopt_r' are reentrant versions.  The extra argument REENT is a
pointer to a reentrancy structure.
`mallinfo' returns a mallinfo structure.  The structure is defined in
   `malloc_stats' does not return a result.
   `mallopt' returns zero if the parameter could not be set, or
non-zero if it could be set.
`mallinfo' and `mallopt' are provided by SVR4, but `mallopt' takes
different parameters on different systems.  `malloc_stats' is not