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`freopen'--open a file using an existing file descriptor

     #include <stdio.h>
     FILE *freopen(const char *FILE, const char *MODE,
         FILE *FP);
Use this variant of `fopen' if you wish to specify a particular file
descriptor FP (notably `stdin', `stdout', or `stderr') for the file.
   If FP was associated with another file or stream, `freopen' closes
that other file or stream (but ignores any errors while closing it).
   FILE and MODE are used just as in `fopen'.
If successful, the result is the same as the argument FP.  If the file
cannot be opened as specified, the result is `NULL'.
ANSI C requires `freopen'.
   Supporting OS subroutines required: `close', `fstat', `isatty',
`lseek', `open', `read', `sbrk', `write'.