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`fgets'--get character string from a file or stream

     #include <stdio.h>
     char *fgets(char *BUF, int N, FILE *FP);
Reads at most N-1 characters from FP until a newline is found. The
characters including to the newline are stored in BUF. The buffer is
terminated with a 0.
`fgets' returns the buffer passed to it, with the data filled in. If
end of file occurs with some data already accumulated, the data is
returned with no other indication. If no data are read, NULL is
returned instead.
`fgets' should replace all uses of `gets'. Note however that `fgets'
returns all of the data, while `gets' removes the trailing newline
(with no indication that it has done so.)
   Supporting OS subroutines required: `close', `fstat', `isatty',
`lseek', `read', `sbrk', `write'.