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Time Functions (`time.h')

This chapter groups functions used either for reporting on time
(elapsed, current, or compute time) or to perform calculations based on
   The header file `time.h' defines three types.  `clock_t' and
`time_t' are both used for representations of time particularly
suitable for arithmetic.  (In this implementation, quantities of type
`clock_t' have the highest resolution possible on your machine, and
quantities of type `time_t' resolve to seconds.)  `size_t' is also
defined if necessary for quantities representing sizes.
   `time.h' also defines the structure `tm' for the traditional
representation of Gregorian calendar time as a series of numbers, with
the following fields:
     Year (since 1900).
     Day of week: the number of days since Sunday.
     Number of days elapsed since last January 1.
     Daylight Savings Time flag: positive means DST in effect, zero
     means DST not in effect, negative means no information about DST
     is available.