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VxWorks download

If you have connected to the VxWorks target and you want to debug an
object that has not yet been loaded, you can use the GDB `load' command
to download a file from Unix to VxWorks incrementally.  The object file
given as an argument to the `load' command is actually opened twice:
first by the VxWorks target in order to download the code, then by GDB
in order to read the symbol table.  This can lead to problems if the
current working directories on the two systems differ.  If both systems
have NFS mounted the same filesystems, you can avoid these problems by
using absolute paths.  Otherwise, it is simplest to set the working
directory on both systems to the directory in which the object file
resides, and then to reference the file by its name, without any path.
For instance, a program `prog.o' may reside in `VXPATH/vw/demo/rdb' in
VxWorks and in `HOSTPATH/vw/demo/rdb' on the host.  To load this
program, type this on VxWorks:
     -> cd "VXPATH/vw/demo/rdb"
Then, in GDB, type:
     (vxgdb) cd HOSTPATH/vw/demo/rdb
     (vxgdb) load prog.o
   GDB displays a response similar to this:
     Reading symbol data from wherever/vw/demo/rdb/prog.o... done.
   You can also use the `load' command to reload an object module after
editing and recompiling the corresponding source file.  Note that this
makes GDB delete all currently-defined breakpoints, auto-displays, and
convenience variables, and to clear the value history.  (This is
necessary in order to preserve the integrity of debugger's data
structures that reference the target system's symbol table.)