SVR4 Process Information

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SVR4 process information

Many versions of SVR4 provide a facility called `/proc' that can be
used to examine the image of a running process using file-system
subroutines.  If GDB is configured for an operating system with this
facility, the command `info proc' is available to report on several
kinds of information about the process running your program.  `info
proc' works only on SVR4 systems that include the `procfs' code.  This
includes OSF/1 (Digital Unix), Solaris, Irix, and Unixware, but not
HP-UX or GNU/Linux, for example.
`info proc'
     Summarize available information about the process.
`info proc mappings'
     Report on the address ranges accessible in the program, with
     information on whether your program may read, write, or execute
     each range.